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Physician-Exclusive Hair Growth Laser Device
Unlock the power to halt hair loss and stimulate growth. This cutting-edge innovation, FDA-cleared and recommended by physicians, not only prevents hair loss but also stimulates impressive hair regrowth. Witness noticeable results in as little as 3 months.

Includes: A150 Laser Device AUXO Carrying Case | Battery Pack | AC Adapter

5 in stock



Compared to traditional laser devices, you’ll notice the SMT laser’s beam shape is significantly larger than other devices. Auxo’s Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) is the first to be used in laser caps and combs cleared by the FDA for the treatment of hair loss. These lasers are engineered for optimal consistency and durability. Our SMT Laser emits a powerful, wide beam of red light that is large and more intense than lasers found in competitor’s products, delivering a higher dosage and superior results.

How to use an Auxo Laser Cap


 Light Source: 300 medical-grade Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lasers. Unlike LEDs, AUXO is the only device that uses SMT lasers which allow for the deepest penetration possible.

 Total Energy: Output1500mW

 Laser Wavelength: Each laser is 650nm wavelength

 Materials: Medical-grade silicone inner liner, FlexFit Technology

 Weight: Lightweight, portable and convenient

 Rechargeable battery: Auto-programmed 10 minute daily treatment

 Warranty: 5-year warranty


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